Why did your disability claim get denied?

Getting your VA disability claim denied is a frustrating thing that no veteran should encounter, If your claim gets denied it might feel like there’s nothing that you can do about it and that you should give up. however, that is not the case because if your claim gets denied you can still file an appeal to that decision which will have the VA review your claim again however to be able to change their decision you first need to understand why most claims get denied in the first place and thoroughly check your claim and see if something applies to it.
The VA states that you do not have a disability
The VA does not consider pain on its own as a disability you need a diagnosis, so proving that you were exposed to something that could result in a disability isn’t enough for The VA, they want you to prove that this exposure caused a disability an example would be the Agent Orange case, if you were exposed to agent orange and then developed livers problems because of it then you are eligible for compensation.
You filed a claim for a pre-existing condition
you’re eligible for compensation if you file a claim for a condition that was caused by your time in service so filing a claim for a pre-existing condition isn’t going to make you eligible unless this condition developed more and became worse because of your time in the military.
Failure to attend a C&P exam
not attending the C&P exam is one of the most common reasons why disability claims get denied, The C&P is short for compensations and pensions and it is the second step of the VA Disability Process.
Failure to prove an in-service connection
The VA will deny your claim if they think that you failed to show the connection between your time in the military and the condition that you have, so if you have PTSD and you want to prove that it was caused by an incident that happened during your time in service a good way of proving that is by providing proof of documented stressor events that occurred during your time in service.
If you do not have such documents then what you can do is get a nexus letter from a doctor explaining why he thinks that your current condition was caused by your time in the military.
I explained this in more detail here 
You did not get help from professionals
the process of applying for VA compensations can be complicated and is a process that requires accuracy and experience a simple mistake such as missing a deadline can cause a lot of benefits money.
having a team of experienced professionals that have worked many cases and won many too is important for you if you want to get the benefits that you deserve and is even more important when trying to appeal a claim denial, Consider reaching out to the professionals at Gumps VA Compensation services we have the experience and the knowledge necessary to get you the benefit that you