5 Causes of VA Claims Delay

You might be wondering how long it will take to process a VA claim or even concerned about the reason for delays of VA Claims.
Your worries are valid and will be answered right in this article.
In responding to your concern above, you must confirm whether you’re submitting a Fully Developed Claim (FDC) or non-FDC.
Your choice will determine the factors militating against speedy VA Claims.
Factors that cause delay of VA Claims

  • First Claim: usually the initial claims are the longest to process because of the administrative requirements such as your Service Treatment Records and your personal bio. Getting all these together can cause delay.
  • Number of Disability: How many disability cases are you filing? This may be the reason for the delay experienced. The higher numbers of disabilities you file, the greater time it will take to process your claims.
  • C & P examination schedule: you might not have control over the time for your Compensation and Pension Exams but the longer it takes to schedule it, will consequently affect how early you can get your VA Claims.
  • VA Claims backlog: if there are many pending VA Claims to sort out, yours might fall into the pile resulting in delays.
  • A Speciality VA Claims: filing some specific VA Claims such as Burn Pit Exposure that can only be facilitated at designated regional offices can delay your VA Claims.

Final thoughts
Now that you know some of the factors that can cause your VA Claims to be delayed, you would be better prepared when they occur to either avoid them or handle them well.

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