Benefits for Spouses of Veterans.

Benefits for Spouses of Veterans.

Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities no doubt but marrying an active service member, a retired military personnel or a veteran can bring with it some extra responsibilities. You would have to deal with their constant absence and the ever looming shadow of death or an injury that changes your whole marital experience. The unpredictability of their profession can take a toll on anyone but it gets better!

When you know that there are benefits that you stand to enjoy as a spouse of a veteran, though it does not in anyway compensate for the actual loss,  you can heave sighs of relief without worrying so much about the future. These VA benefits seeks to alleviate the aftermath sufferings of spouses and families of Veterans and show gratitude.  There are different criteria that must be met to qualify for different benefits but they are not rocket science. Some of the benefits accrued to spouses of

Veterans include:

  • Dependency and Indemnity Compensation: as a program under the Veteran Affairs, this supports spouses of dead or disabled veterans in the event of economic losses brought about by their demise.
  • VA loans for homes: Spouses of Veterans can get VA loans to acquire homes as long as their veteran spouses died or suffered service-related injuries and disabilities.
  • Healthcare benefits: this is about the most popular benefits spouses to living or dead veterans can enjoy. Healthcare benefits ranging from surgeries to drug prescriptions are covered by the VA.
  • Educational assistance benefits: spouses caring for veterans can enjoy educational benefits too.


Final Note

Being a spouse of a veteran whether dead or alive qualifies you for some benefits. You can visit appropriate VA quarters to find out the steps to take to begin enjoying benefits that are due to you.

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