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Holiday Treats For Veterans

After spending months and even years in combat with national enemies facing the horror of war and the fear of death; it is not too much to take a few
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Benefits for Spouses of Veterans.

Benefits for Spouses of Veterans. Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities no doubt but marrying an active service member, a retired military personnel or a veteran can bring with
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2020 Holiday Deals and Discounts For Veterans

In the spirit of the season, our dedicated team at Gumps Legal has compiled a list of deals, giveaways, and discounts for veterans and active-duty military members this holiday. We
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A Collaborative Effort Between VA and NARA Helps To Successfully Digitize Vietnam Era Navy Deck Logs

Vietnam Era Navy Deck Logs In a bid to ensure that disability claims are disbursed for Vietnam-era veterans, the Department of Veteran Affairs announced that they have successfully digitized thousands
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