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Benefits for Spouses of Veterans.

Benefits for Spouses of Veterans. Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities no doubt but marrying an active service member, a retired military personnel or a veteran can bring with
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2020 Holiday Deals and Discounts For Veterans

In the spirit of the season, our dedicated team at Gumps Legal has compiled a list of deals, giveaways, and discounts for veterans and active-duty military members this holiday. We
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A Collaborative Effort Between VA and NARA Helps To Successfully Digitize Vietnam Era Navy Deck Logs

Vietnam Era Navy Deck Logs In a bid to ensure that disability claims are disbursed for Vietnam-era veterans, the Department of Veteran Affairs announced that they have successfully digitized thousands
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Benefits of Veteran Supportive Communities

The military lifestyle has taught servicemen and women to be strong in battlefronts and expect the unexpected. Unfortunately, there is no training that teaches them how to handle life after
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