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Gumps VA Compensation Services Buffalo

Gumps VA Compensation Services Buffalo
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After unsuccessfully trying to work through the VA appeals process, I took a friend’s advice and sought the services of a qualified representative, Gumps VA Compensation Services. They understand the processes and how to help you understand your disabilities and adequately identify them. They have helped me gain the VA benefits and peace of mind I needed.
Response from the owner: Thanks Lance, pleasure is ours!
I like to take the time , to say how much Gumps VA Compensation services had help me get my 100 % rating. I had been working with 6 different Vso for 12 years and was going no ware . A friend gave me Mr.Bryan Held. Phone number from Gumps VA compensation services. Bryan talk to me and explained what Gumps can do for me . He had a Miss Ashley Hubbart as my case manager . Ashley fill me in and also made sure to answer all my email that I sent of any changes to my medical conditions. I could not believe with in a year and a few months plus covit was going on at the same time . My ratings started going up 80 , the 90 . Until recently 100% P&T . Gumps team of very knowledgeable staff, Are Excellent. I would recommend them to any Veteran. The caring quick response with information on how things work . Was my best experience. Thank you Gumps VA Compensation Services. With out you helping me I be still lost fighting for my claims . Sincerely , Robert J Ryan MSG (RET)
Response from the owner: Thanks for the 5 star Ryan!
After unsuccessfully trying to work thought the VA appeals process I took a friends advice and sought the services of a qualified representative. After doing my homework I choose Gumps VA Compensation Services. They understand the processes and how to help you understand your disabilities and properly identify them. They have helped me with gaining the VA benefits I needed and Peace of mind. Big Shout out to Bryan Held and his teammates Dan and Ashley for their superb and professional help. Bravo Zulu. Very well done. Semper Fi
Response from the owner: Good working with you Ray!
After being frustrated and at a standstill with the VA, I sought help help from Gumps VA Compensation Services. I am completely satisfied with their service and speed that my claim was handled in.
Response from the owner: Hey Michael! Glad we could help.
Gumps VA help me get what it took me years of frustration with the VA to get in a matter of a few months. I’m very thankful for their help . I’ve recommended them to four other Vets including my own brother.Thank you Brian and your team and a special thanks to Dan Memmesheimer.
Response from the owner: Thank you Steve!
I first want to say thank you to the whole Gumps team. You guys are really amazing. I didn’t know anything about claims and benefits.l reached out to the Gumps team. That one phone call changed my life for ever . Dan worked with me and told me let them do there thing. And they did. Thank you all God bless you all. I will and have already told vets about you all. Your honest trust worthy americans.thanks .Reid
Response from the owner: Thanks for coming in Reid 🙂
The team is very knowledgeable they kept me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend them if you or anyone you know needs assistance with your VA claim.
Response from the owner: Glad we could help you Corey!
Tried for years to do it myself but hired Gumps and 2 years later got my 90% to 100%. I am a combat veteran that has served over 16 years, served in Iraq 3 times and have many issues from deployments T.B.I. PTSD, and cancer, but Gumps got me my final disability of 100%. Thank you so much!.
Response from the owner: Glad we could help you John!
I came to Gump’s attorneys seeking to maximize my benefits and within a year I have received maximum benefits I highly recommend anyone seeking to maximize your benefits to utilize gump’s attorney specifically Brian Held
Response from the owner: Glad we could help Lamotte
For the second time Gumps has helped me navigate the claims process. I cannot say enough good things about the people working there. They know the daily struggles vets face and they make the process effortless on our part. Dan, Brian and everyone else at Gumps always has the veterans back and will go above and beyond to get us what we deserve.Gumps has come through and helped change the quality of my life for the better. I love these people and am externally grateful for everything they’ve done for me. Any veteran that’s struggling to navigate the claims world, call Gumps! They will square you away and get you taken care of in a really reasonable amount of time. Awesome folks!!Gumps veteran services has been by far the most helpful resource I’ve used since my discharge. I don’t know where I’d be without their help and support.Thank you Gumps.
This company was extremely professional and kept me informed about my VA claim. I got what was entitled to me thanks to Gumps VA Compensation Services. I will recommend to my friends and anyone needing assistance with their claims.
Response from the owner: Hi Aubrey, glad that we helped you get your benefits. Thanks for your service.
What a great experience. I filed a claim with the VA for benefits on my ownunder the assumption that it would be a simple process. It was pretty simple. I filed and they rejected my claim. I shared my experience with another veteran and he suggested I see Bryan Held with Gumps VA Compensation Services. Bryan appealed the VA decision and filed additional claims. I now have 80% disability and since I am now unemployed he filed for an additional claim 100% disability. These are benefits that you earned.Let Bryan fight for your benefits on your behalf. Thank you Bryan for a greatexperience. My family and I thank you very much for your help.Gary Schwarzburg
Response from the owner: Hi Gary, we are glad that Bryan helped get you the benefits that you deserve and we hope that we get you that 100% rating soon!
I started my relationship with VA Compensation Gumps with only 10% VA disability in a few months later I’m now showing 210% disability I’m able to retire from my job and live life and it didn’t cost me anything. Thanks
Response from the owner: Hi David, glad that we were able to help you retire and live life!
i would like to thank my team ashley and brian for helping me get the benifits i deserved,I went from 0% to 80% ,it did take some time,but im really happy and i would recomend them to all veterans fighting VA.I wish i would have done it sooner I highly recomend them,and i already recomended them to other veterans i know THANK YOU
Response from the owner: Hi walter, we are happy that we were able to raise your disability ratings from 0% to 80%.
After a decade of being ignored and marginalized by the VA refusing to address my compensation claims, Bryan and Ashley were able to knock down the VA barriers, get my compensation claims done and done correctly in less than 90-days. They have taken all the VA stress off me and my family.
Response from the owner: Hi Joe, glad that we were able to take all the VA stress off of you and your family!
Response from the owner: Hi cq boy, thanks for the five star review.
Everything I have been blessed with I obtained from the Good Lord, my wife, the US Army, the VA and the women and Bryan Held of Gumps VA Compensation Services. The women and Bryan Held changed my family’s life forever which I will always be thankful for.
Response from the owner: Hi John, reading that what we did to you changed your family’s life forever gives us another reason to keep doing what we are doing, thank you for your service.
Thank you Mr. Held, for helping us though this nightmare. I myself would still be waiting on answers and payment so Thank you again.
Response from the owner: Hi Pam, we are so glad that we were able to help and end this nightmare.
I was denied reasonable disability by V.A. Looking around on the internet, I found Gump’s, which was highly recommended by other veterans. Bryan Held, an excellent claims agent, took on my case and produced results. In no time an appeal was filed with VA and I had another disability evaluation. Bryan found a few medical issues in my military health care records which I was unsuccessful in even getting copies of. In short, I went from having 10% disability to 100% disability plus months of backpay thanks to Bryan’s efforts on my behalf. Thank God for Gumps. I can’t thank them enough. This is the team you want working for you. Their services are well worth it, and they have my highest recommendations.
Response from the owner: Hi Glenn, we are so glad that we were able to get the rating that you deserve, we greatly appreciate this review.
GUMPS VA Disability got me my 100%.Professional Firm with outstanding results.
Response from the owner: Hi Anthony, glad that we were able to get the benefits that you deserve, thanks for your service.
They were wonderful to deal with, and got the results that I wanted !
Loved working with them, honest and always will keep you informed throughout the whole process. Great results
Response from the owner: Hi Kenneth, thanks for leaving us a review, we are glad that you got great results.
Great network to help Vets. Can’t say enough great things about Ashley H. She is fantastic.
Response from the owner: Hi craig, Ashley appreciate your words and we are glad that we were able to help.
I have been struggling with the VA and the disability process since 2000. 2 Years ago I was able to get myself to a rating of 70%. Every Doctor, that I saw said I should be rated 100%. In a year and half of appealing the decision and the VA losing my paperwork I was ready to give up. Then one day, I was a local diner and a Veteran stopped me out of the blue and told me about Gumps VA Compensation out of Conroe, Texas. I gave them a call and within three days Gumps had filed on my behalf. Gumps made the whole process very easy. If I had any questions I could email or call and they were answered. I felt very comfortable and confident in working with Gumps. I highly recommend their services.
Response from the owner: Hi Andrew, we appreciate that you feel comfortable and confident working with us, thank you for your kind words.
When I did not know who could help. A fellow marine told me about Gumps. I followed up. Gumps provided rest and assurance that they could help. Within 5 months I received a benefit increase from VA. Highly recommend to fellow veterans for help about the V A paper trail. Thank you so much Grumps. God keep blessing you
Communication can be an issue at times, occasionally going months without a response to emailed questions, or messages left by phone. However that being said, results are what count. Gumps VA got me much more of a percentage than I had ever hoped for for my current disabilities, and are continuing to work with me to get rated for other related disabilities, where the VSO completely gave up. You’ll still have to do a lot of leg work with medical exams and doctors, but it’s good to have representatives that don’t give up on you. Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the great review. Glad we could help with your Compensation. We appreciate you trusting us to take care of you!
These guys are top-notch! I don’t understand why the VA treats every veteran like an enemy, but they do. I was at an impasse trying to deal with the VA so Gumps VA Compensation took my fight to their doorstep and won on every account. I do not have the vocabulary to describe how impressed I am with them! They are the best! I highly recommend them and encourage all veterans to let them fight for you. I am convinced they will win.
Response from the owner: Gary Thank you very much for recommending us. At Gumps VA our greatest reward is happy customers.
My hat go’s off to Gumps VA Compensation Services.Their results are quick and results are nothing short ofamazing. I wish they had been around 50 years ago.Thank YouWalter Houston
Response from the owner: Hi Walter, glad that we were able to offer quick and convenient results for you, thanks for the review.
After Hitting the many road blocks in the process of filing a claim with the VA I found myself discouraged with the daunting process, and decided to call several VA approved advocates and found that they were cherry picking cases for their benefit and was turned away by all until I called the office of Gumps Victor Alpha Compensation Services, LLC, Bryan who actually looked into my claims and offered to help. I was given a verbal reassurance that things will be taken care, I wasn’t expecting anything because I had already done all that was asked of me by the VA the past 6 years and felt there wasn’t anything else to be done and put the thoughts on the back burner. After 6 months I got a call from Gumps office letting me know that I could expect a VA exam soon. True to their word I was given another VA exam and as a result of that exam I was awarded a disability rating related to my medical service records injurys. Apparently I was not going about the process the correct way, and Gumps Victor Alpha Compensation Services, LLC, Bryan was willing and able to navigate the process even after being turned down by the VA for several years going it on my own.. I recommend this office to Vets every chance I get and feel they have our best interest in mind… Thank you Again
Response from the owner: Hi Stewart , glad that we were able to help you, and thank you so much for both the recommendation and the review.
I have been dealing with Gumps V. A. For my benifits with the V.A. I am so glad that I found them. They went over and beyond to help me. I would highly recommend them to any Vet who is having a hard time with your claims. Thanks again.
Response from the owner: Hi Dave, glad that we were able to help with your benefits, thanks for the review.