Holiday Treats For Veterans

After spending months and even years in combat with national enemies facing the horror of war and the fear of death; it is not too much to take a few days to cool off and relax while unboxing surprise gifts. As a matter of fact, it is well deserved. Spending quality time with family and loved ones at Christmas, going on sightseeing, eating fine meals during Thanksgiving are the luxuries that most veterans have either been denied or can not afford.

When it comes to comfort and making fun memories with loved ones who are veterans, no one can put a price to that of course but some Veterans can not afford it.  Some organizations exist who have taken it upon themselves to shoulder part (or all) of the cost and responsibilities of affording veterans who have defended the country so fearlessly the opportunity to be pampered during holidays or to reach out to their loved ones  with gifts to remind them that they are not alone.  They are:

  1. Operation Holiday Joy: They provide food, toys and presents to families of military personnel and their loved ones.
  2. Veteran Service Organization: they offer diverse help to veterans to make their holidays enjoyable.
  3. USO: this is the Santa for Veterans. They give out gifts, food and giveaways.

Final Note

You never have to have a boring holiday as a veteran or leave your loved ones without some presents while you are away during the holidays. Visit your VA headquarters to find out holiday treats near you for Veterans.

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