Nursing Home Care for Veterans: Things to Know to Claim the Benefit

Veterans who were afflicted with major and aggravating disabilities are at a distinct disadvantage post service. 

The topic of receiving benefits as a veteran can be a rather complicated. But to make the subject easier to comprehend, we’re here to break it down for you.

Are you eligible for a Nursing Home Care?

Not all former military members who accumulated the right amount of service time, are honorably discharged, and suffering from a case of disability are fit to claim the benefit of a Nursing Home Care.

Ideally, there is only one of two ways by which an honored veteran may take advantage of this privilege—he must either be recently released from a VA hospital, possibly as a result of a service-oriented disability, or have a disability that is rated at 70% or a total disability that renders him unemployable.

If a veteran meets any of these two criteria, it is guaranteed that Nursing Home Care is within reach.

What are the options?

Eligible veterans seeking 24/7 care have a variety of options they could choose from, which include:

  • Community Living Centers (CLC)

Aimed to provide the veteran an accommodation that mimics the ambience of home, Community Living Centers are usually situated within the vicinity of the VA Medical Center or, in some other cases, at a distinct, closed-by building. Typically, CLCs strive to keep the environment a “fun” place for the veterans by entertaining them with a host of different activities regardless of the age, letting them bring along their pets, and even giving them the leeway of decorating their own rooms.

  • Contract Nursing Home Care

Not many valid veterans get into either a public or private nursing homes, as accommodation in this facility prioritizes those of the severely disabled. In addition, a stay in a nursing home would typically have a limit of at most 6 months only and is subject to a drastic reduction to as short as 30 to 60 days.

  • State Veterans Homes

As the name implies, State Veteran Homes are nursing homes which are operated by the state along with the approval of the Veterans Affairs. In general, nursing homes under this category are subject to different states which make eligibility requirements and degree of services varied from each location.

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