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Our Advantage

We have over 90 years of combined experience dealing with the VA. We’ve handled thousands of cases and worked with hundreds VA employees.  Our vast network of influence based upon our integrity and reputation gives us a unique insight to present your case to give you the best chance for a fully favorable outcome.    

In short, we know how the VA works and we know who works at the VA.  We use this knowledge to give our clients an advantage to obtain every bit of the disability compensation earned through military service.   While we can’t move your case ahead of other cases, we know what evidence helps VA employees feel more inclined to grant.   

You never have to leave the comfort of your home for us to get started. We conduct over 90 percent of our business over the phone and through our remote access into the VA’s VBMS case management system.  After you return the initial paperwork, we get started right away.

What will we do for you?

  • We initiate a development process to investigate the status of your various cases with the VA to determine what has and has not been done to get grounded in your case.
  • Once grounded, we identify the weaknesses in your case and work on your behalf to overcome them.
  • We analyze and develop a strategy to win your benefits in the shortest amount of time.
  • We challenge the VA’s adversarial conclusions that obstruct your benefits.
  • We assist the development process with our network of independent medical and vocational experts.
  • We apply current case law and precedent court decisions to keep the VA in check in the manner in which they adjudicate your appeal.
  • We find and correct errors in earlier decision to get you the earliest possible effective date for your compensation awards.
  • We will appear with you at a personal hearing to help advance your interest.

In a nutshell, we leverage our experience and skill to get you the best VA compensation result.