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Gumps VA Compensation Services Parkersburg

Gumps VA Compensation Services Parkersburg
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Extremely helpful and answered all my questions. I recommend them to all Vets I meet.
The team at Gumps is absolutely the best!! I’ve spent 9 years as a salesman in the car business and have given great service to people but have never been taken care of like I would take care of my customers. I have finally found people that care about me and it showed in their experience. I am hard to please and hard to impress but from the first day with Lindsey I was impressed. Told her my situation that I was on night shift. In 12 minutes she completed my entire intake and had all of my documents ready to sign when I woke up. I docu-signed them and was on my way to 100%!! Took the VA roughly 2 1/4 months to send the file to Gumps then I was able to talk to Candice, who has tons of experience, knowledge and an expert in her field. Someone who could identify the problem and fix it immediately with her team of lawyers, case managers and staff. She was able to have full understanding of how and why the VA rates the way that they do. She speaks the “VA lingo” to get the job done. Once the 20 minute phone meeting we had was complete, my VA chart exploded with appointments. I went to every one of them and followed the instructions laid out for me from Candice and Lindsey. Whenever I had any issue that came up I had Tabitha on my side as well from Gumps. She explained to me that if they were always on the phone then how would they be helping me with my case. Made perfect sense to me. Email is much quicker than waiting to get a call back. With her contact I was able to remain patient even though hard to deal with, I understood where the team was coming from. Even though Janet was not part of this team, she even talked to me for hours helping me out for an increase in one of my claims and submitting a letter. At all costs the hiring manager should keep every part of this team together. You all have changed mine and my families life forever and I will always be grateful. God bless everyone here and I really want the best for each one of you. Keep helping people in the way you have helped me and you will have a great following forever. I plan to send everyone I know and work with to your company because I know they will be taken care of. Thank you Ms Lindsey, Ms Candice, Ms Tabitha and Ms Janet!!-Matthew Cornett
I cannot say enough great things about what the team at Grumps VA Compensations Services has done for me. Candice Bennett and Tabitha Yarborough have been outstanding with supporting my claim every step of the way!They reviewed my record and advising me on conditions that I should submit to the VA. Their commitment to servicing my claim was nothing less than EXCEPTIONAL. Always there to answer my questions either by email or phone quickly and professionally. I had full trust in them to represent me and my claim. All follow up appointments were scheduled and worked within my time frame.Before I found Gump Services, I was looking around for a group to help me out thru the VA claim process and had several other service providers but did not feel they were going to provide me with the service I was looking for. I then found Gumps VA Compensation Services and what a blessing it has been. They quickly got my medical records and reviewed it along with previous VA claims and called me with an overview of what they thought was the best course for me. They explained ever step and how it was going to work so I didn’t have to worryI would highly recommend Gump VA Compensation Services and will be forwarding their contact info to my Veteran friends and anyone who asks about getting a VA claim service review.Thank youA. Johnson
Response from the owner: Thanks Art, great working with you!
Please do not hesitate to contact Gumps to help navigate the difficult process of filing a claim with the VA. Candice and Lindsey handled every aspect of this with professionalism and ease. I knew from my first correspondence with them, that I was in good hands. They worked hard on my case and I ultimately received a favorable decision from the VA. They have the expertise and knowledge to help you and I am happy to personally recommend them to you. I am extremely grateful to Gumps for fighting so hard for me. I could not have done it on my own.
Response from the owner: Thanks Bill!
Very professional, and down to earth staff. From beginning to end has been great to work with. I would definitely recommend this group to all Veterans seeking assistance. You won’t regret this Decision.
Response from the owner: Thanks Arthur, great working with you!
Excellent service. I didn’t think I would get much compensation after almost 20 years of trying but GUMP took on my case and got me 100% VA disability compensation. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Tabitha Yarbrough, Candice Bennett and the rest who’s helped me with my compensation. God Bless.
Response from the owner: Great working with you Joe!
Candace Bennett and Lindsey Fordyce did an outstanding job in recently getting my award for me. Candace’s expertise made me comfortable in the entire process. From the moment I met her she assured me to stick with it as the evidence was more than adequate. It took awhile but well worth the wait, we all know nothing moves fast, but it was no fault of Gump’s. Would I use them again? ABSOLUTELY, I couldn’t have done it without them!!!
Response from the owner: Really great working with you Keith!
Honestly I am in Alaska and was referred to Gumps by another Vet. They still did an absolutely phenomenal job, I honestly have nothing bad to say about the work they did for me.
Response from the owner: Thanks Daniel, we’re happy we could help maximize your VA rating.
Response from the owner: Thanks Sidney!
They have been absolutely great, Candis Benit and her team worked extremely hard for me and the results are simply amazing.Thanks so much for all the help.Darren R Smith
Response from the owner: Thank you for your glowing recommendation! Darren.
I can not say enough good thinks about this organization or it’s employees they really do care about us vets. Candace is the BEST this could have not even happened to me if it wasn’t for Candace and her great team. I tried for the longest time to draw disability from the VA and I got no results and I was going to quit even trying becauseI was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere and I thought I would give this great place one last try. I signed up with them and one day I got a call from Candace and she told me to get ready for a ride because she would not stop until I got 100 percent disability and that’s exactly what she did. Candace and this company has made a huge difference in my life a game changing difference in my life and I appreciate everything they have done for me. I can’t say thank you enough for what you have done for me. Thank You Robert Mclemore
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the kind words Robert!
Gump Legal was referred to my wife and I through another veteran, and my story is simple. Upon having my initial phone consultation, I was reassured that I would not lose my higher or current VA ratings. Following this phone consultation, I literally signed two forms. The 1st was a signature that Gump Legal was representing “me,” I felt valued. The 2nd was a signature releasing all my medical records while serving and/or since retirement which supported my claims. With some anxiety, I made all of my medical appointments and waited for a response while monitoring the eBenefits website. Within 6 months, I was notified that I was now 100% P&T.Yesterday was Veterans Day. My church service honored all Veterans in attendance with a standing ovation. The guest speaker was a veteran who has suffered injuries, both mental and physical. He told his story with his son in the audience. Needless to say, it was emotional.A Marine (a husband to a family of 4) in church was just as emotional and connected with what the speaker was trying to convey . My wife and I have referred many veterans to Gump VA Compensation Services and this Marine will be getting your contact information.The key is documentation, give them a chance, make the call as they are truly exceptional! You will never receive a “bill” from Gump Legal because their “payment” is a one-time % deduction from any backpay I/you will receive. They truly work for you!Lindsey and Candice, I truly thank you for your service!
Response from the owner: Really great working with you!
If you are looking for experience and integrity, I recommend Gump VA compensation services as your agent. I have been blessed with Candace and Lindsay working on my claim. Five days ago I received word from the VA that I had been awarded a 70% claim. I recommend them to you, in fact, they will continue to represent me until I receive 100% disability.Jerry H, a very happy client.
I initially started my disability submission using a VSO (free service) in April 2021 (claim 1) for Sleep apnea, deviated septum, hearing loss, and tinnitus. I was awarded 20% disability (10% each for deviated septum and tinnitus, denied for hearing loss and sleep apnea). After numerous attempts to work with my VSO representative, he stopped communicating with me and did not take any action to submit an appeal.I then contacted 2 well known/advertised accredited disability attorney firms (found on YouTube, Facebook, and internet searches) who refused to take my appeal case. I finally went through the list of accredited attorneys listed on the VA website where I discovered Gumps and they accepted my case assigning a case manager (Victoria Taylor) and a claims agent (Candice Bennet). Shortly thereafter, Candice had a phone conference with me during which she identified several additional potential disability conditions that I had and she submitted a new claim (claim 2). After obtaining my case file from VA, Candice prepared legal arguments to challenge the VSO submitted claim 1 denials and she submitted a HLR for Sleep Apnea (approved in 24 days!!) and a supplemental appeal for my hearing loss (approved in 56 days!!). These successful appeal arguments increased my 20% disability to 60% (HUGE!).After denial of claim 2 and subsequent HLR and supplemental appeals, my award increased to 70%. At this point my expectations were exceeded. Since I had attained 70%, Candice then submitted a new TDIU claim (claim 3) and although it too was initially denied it did result in an increase of my disability to 80%. She immediately prepared an argument and submitted an HLR appeal which was successful and resulted in my TDIU award of 100% P&T. THIS IS BEYOND BELIEF! I’M ESTATIC.I highly recommend Gumps VA Compensation Services. They stay in touch and stay on top of your individual disability actions. Candice and Victoria – what a qualified and professional team; love you both. Candice’s appeal arguments are brilliant! Thanks for a job well done exceeding all my expectations!! Without y’all I would still be at 20%.
Response from the owner: Glad we could assist Charles, over and out!
Gumps VA has done an outstanding job with my VA claims. They’re always available for questions when I call and have assisted me throughout the claim process. Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: Glad we could help you Anthony!
First and foremost what Candice Bennett & Lindsey Fordyce do & did matters a lot for men and women who serve their country. I am so grateful for their positive outlook and support from beginning to end.True Angels 😇 😇
Response from the owner: Thank you Malcolm!
Extremely courteous, gave them all of my information and they did the rest, any questions I had they answered, and as for the results I’m more than happy, thankful and pleased, If you’re looking for a firm to get you results give them a call ,and A Very Big thank you to Lindsey who was my case manager.
Response from the owner: Thanks Ivory, glad we could help you get a solid rating.
Excellent service from a team of earnest, hardworking individuals. Lindsey Fordyce did an outstanding job with status updates and through line claim support. Following my own enrollment with aforementioned team, I have referred innumerable Veterans to this organization for through line support with new and/or ongoing VA claims. Again and again, this team pulls through with outstanding results. It should likewise be noted that prior to contacting Gump’s VA Compensation Services, I leveraged VA VSOs & DAV with very little to no success. Engagement with the VA and DAV cost me three years, producing several denied claims and marginal service connections. Save yourself some time and start here!”Semper Paratus!”
Response from the owner: Thank you Joe, glad we could help!
They did a stellar job on all my claims they really are the best at what they do. I recommend them to any and all veterans to get their claims done. Thank you Candice and Gump attorneys.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the 5 star Mason!
Candy really cares about veterans and gives 110% when helping veterans. Did an excellent job on keeping me up to date on my claim.
Contacted Gumps Legal for assistance in an appeal I have with the VA. Assigned to Candice and Don and it’s been nothing but amazing. The team understands that issues aren’t always clear cut and a C&P exam or examiner might show something on the outside but a bit of digging, as they should, reveals service connection. Through this process, though, as my appeal sits in line, some other issues were resolved and added to my service connection which is fantastic.I’m looking forward to continue working with the team at Gumps in hopes that my appeal gets granted!
Response from the owner: Hi Kris, Glad that you we could offer great service to you, we look forward to continue working with you too!