Tips for an enjoyable Veterans’ Day

Celebrating veterans is a duty of all whether you are in the military or not. Veterans Day is a day of honour and recognition for those most deserving of it. Both serving and non-serving veterans deserve all the appreciation for their sacrifices, timeless labour and several deprivations that come with the job.
How then should one ensure a fun-filled and memorable veteran’s day celebration for our living heroes?

● You should attend: it’s a special annual celebration hence your presence will go a long way to convey a message of love and support to the veterans. People go out sometimes for family get-togethers and picnics, so honouring veterans by showing up on their day to celebrate them would speak value and honour.

● Fly the country’s flag: whichever way you understand how to, a flag off for the sake of veterans on their day will be well appreciated and would also communicate to them that they are loved, honoured and appreciated.

● Support: there are countless organizations opened to donations and other services for the sake of honouring the veterans day, you could team up with anyone to donate cash and gifts.

● Drop a note: no matter how bad you are at writing, scribbling your gratitude on a card and sending it to a veteran on his day is a priceless gift. It sends a signal of deep appreciation down his marrows.

● A visit to a VA health care: checking up on veterans in the hospital as well and marking the day with them in that state is a great show of love and appreciation.

In the words of Roy Rogers, “we all can’t be heroes”, hence, it’s only fair to celebrate those who are in every way possible.

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