VA Disability Back Pay – Everything You Need to Know

Hi there, Allen Gumpenberger back with yet another blog post to enlighten you (or you’re retired loved one) on VA Disability. In this blog post, I’ll be focusing the spotlight on something that could well benefit any disabled veteran reading this as they make the not-so-easy transition from Military to Civilian Life.

So what is this Mysterious thing Allen? I’ll tell you…

It’s called a VA Disability Back Pay. And yes, it isn’t the same as the Disability benefits you’re already accustomed to right now. This is a Tax-Free additional payment that could facilitate life for you as you bravely carry on life with your disability and make sure it is easier on your dependents if you have any.

So follow closely champ.


What Is a VA Disability Back Pay?

This is money owed Disabled Veterans between the date you applied for your disability benefits and the date it was eventually granted.

This aid is Sponsored by The U.S Department of Veteran Affairs via the VHA (Veteran Health Administration) considering that Brave men and women who have given their lives and health for the country, upon appealing for the Disability benefits owed them, have to sit out weeks, months and even years in pain and discomfort waiting for the processing and final approval of these benefits.

Back pays are extra pay commensurate to disability rating and waiting time of veterans.


 What Makes You Eligible?

To be Eligible for the VA Disability back pay you (or your loved one as the case may be) must have been in active duty with the Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army or Coast Guard, in addition to a Certificate of Eligibility.

And of course, had to endure a frustrating waiting period upon applying for your initial disability benefits.

Having the prior mentioned makes you eligible to claim a VA Back Pay. Also, worthy of note is that this back pays are also released upon increase in existing disability payments by the Department of Veterans Affairs


How Is It Calculated?

The VA simply calculates the corresponding amount for each qualified applicant using the following factors;


PREVIOUS DISABILITY RATING : The back pay is usually calculated by calculating the difference between your previous disability rating and the new one if your situation worsened. For example a veteran with a 50% insomnia rating that worsened to a 70% rating while waiting for his disability benefits, would have a difference calculated and the commensurate amount paid.


NUMBER OF DEPENDENTS CHANGED: This is simply an increase in dependents like children, spouse (in the case of a marriage), or other family members. An increase in dependents is a huge factor to what your back pay amounts to.


THE EFFECTIVE DATE: A huge misconception is that the effective date is when your injury occurred. But the department considers only the date your claim was received and uses the time gap between that date and your approval to calculate and process your back pay.


How to Claim your Back Pay?

Claiming your Back Pay is a streamlined straightforward process. You simply start by;

Submitting an application online or at the closest local VA office to you,

Include your application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits. And a VA form, all to be mailed or sent to the Department

Do well to have evidence like medical reports ready in preparation for the processing of your application as the VA will upon accepting your claim review, calculate and decide upon your eligibility and Disability Rating… Necessary parameters for the amount that makes up your Back Pay.

If you’re eligible and yet to receive your back pay benefits but find this process overwhelming, then Gumps VA Compensation Services is here to help you.

Schedule an appointment right away!

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