VA Disability Gives New Benefits

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For years, the story was the same…

Throughout the 90s and post 9/11 wars, the army would use open air pits to dispose of jet fuel, garbage and other materials…

On prolonged exposure to these fumes, Courageous soldiers would return home, only to be diagnosed with Cancer, respiratory issues or lung disease (sometimes amidst other service related injuries…)

These war heroes would then reach out to the VA concerning the connection of their crisis to their service related exposure to toxic fumes…

But get shut down for lack of “sufficient evidence”. And left to carry their cross alone, without any compensation or due help from the nation they risked their lives for.

Not anymore though…

I come bearing great news!

Hi there, Allen Gumpenberger here, back with yet another blog post to enlighten you (or your retired loved one) on VA Disability…

President Joe Biden, on August 10 signed the legislation (Called the PACT Act) – Outlining 23 health conditions that will be labeled as “Presumptive” aiding veterans to get special benefits from their service infused exposure to Burn Pits and Toxins.

This new Act reduces the heavy burden on veteran survivors or their families, to prove eligibility to special benefits by being victims of Brain Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Lung Diseases, Testestinal Cancer, Respiratory Issues and more.

The announcement was made by VA Secretary, Dennis McDonough at the American Legion Convention recently held in Milwaukee on August 31, 2022.

This isn’t a wife’s tale.


It’s been signed, sealed and made official by the President himself, with  processing of new applications for benefits proceeding on Jan 1, 2023

“Veterans have waited too long for this care and these benefits already and we’re not going to make them wait any longer,” …

“So instead of phasing in the conditions over the coming years, we’re making all conditions outlined in the PACT Act presumptive August 10.”

VA Secretary Denis McDonough told the American Legion National Convention in Milwaukee on Wednesday.

“One of the biggest expansions of VA benefits in history won’t be easy”“We will really need your help communicating because we want every veteran, every single veteran to get the care they need and the benefits they deserve, the benefits they have earned, and we will not rest until they do,” McDonough said.

The new bill was named in honor of Sgt. 1st Class Heath Robinson, diagnosed with Lung Cancer and a rare autoimmune disorder after serving his time with the Army National Guard in Kosovo & Iraq. Due to his prolonged exposure to burn pits.

He passed away in 2020.

So if you or a loved one have any similar health challenges to the ones listed in this post, you can get real help and SOON.

This new law further increases the presumptive disease list relating to Agent Orange by including exposure in the following places;

  • Thailand
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • American Samoa
  • Johnston Atoll
  • Guam

While boosting federal research on toxic exposure, and the VA’s resources and training to help process and deliver new claims from a bill that costs about $279 billion over 10 years and estimated by the Congressional Budget Office to go as high as $600 billion

Be rest assured I’ll have a post showing you a step by step process to claim these benefits as soon as an update comes.

Until then, Stop suffering in silence and start preparing to legally take what is deservedly yours if you’re eligible…

Feel free to schedule an appointment  if you need hands-on help when the VA opens the doors!

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