Bryan Held

Accredited Claims Agent in Buffalo New York

Bryan grew up in Orchard Park New York (this is the home of the Buffalo Bills Stadium) and after successfully completing high school he joined the United States Army in September 1990 as an “Infantryman”. He effectively completed basic training at Ft. Benning Georgia as part of a Cohort unit to serve in the 7th Infantry Division (Light) at Ft. Ord California. His initial life goals were to complete his three years in the Infantry and then switch his MOS to Military Police, then to eventually leave the military with the background of the Infantry and MP and join one of the premier law enforcement agencies of the United States of America. This life goal was cut short by a severe training accident preparing for deployment to Operation Desert Storm.

Prior to joining Gumps Victor Alpha Compensation Services, LLC, Bryan had already established himself as one of the Nation’s most respected experts in the field of Veterans Benefits. Bryan began his career in VA benefits in 1994 working for the Disabled American Veterans (DAV).  After years of success in every professional position that DAV has from Chapter Service Officer to office Supervisor at various field locations.  There, he honed his skills and provided legal representation to veterans and their dependents before the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs at the local Regional Offices and continuing on to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. 

His work has helped tens of thousands of veterans access the benefits they deserve including those suffering from conditions such as posttraumatic stress disorder; disabilities arising out of environmental exposures, such as Agent Orange exposure, burn pit and other exposures from Iraq and Afghanistan; Persian Gulf War exposures; and military sexual trauma, just to name just a few. Bryan can relate to his veterans both personally and professionally and is a tenacious Advocate who does not take “No” for an answer to easily. He enjoys a high success rate on behalf of his clients.

Bryan is a welcome addition to our staff and Veterans whom he is proud to serve with Gumps Victor Alpha Compensation Services LLC, (GumpsVA). 

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