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Gumps VA Compensation Services Phoenix

Gumps VA Compensation Services Phoenix
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I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional customer service by Gumps V.A. Comp. Services, that I received from your team. Your prompt and efficient response to my disability case truly exceeded my expectations. Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction.
Response from the owner: Thank you Todd, great working with you!
Thanks for everything you’ve done for me and I really appreciate you doing it for me so thank you .
Response from the owner: It’s our pleasure Ronald.!
They have been an advocate for me during this long, arduous and labor intensive process. That have been meticulous and diligent in this endeavor. Don has been very supportive and I don’t think this would be the same result with anyone else.
Response from the owner: Thanks Ron, great working with you!
September 2, 2023I began my pursuit of being approved for VA benefits two years ago when I was recommended, by a friend, to Gumps VA Compensation Services. After having several claims refused by the VA, I requested assistance from Mr. Donald Warren and the Gumps VA Compensation Services.On August 10, 2022, President Biden signed the PACT Act which included issues that I had due to being stationed in South East Asia (Thailand), where toxic substances were used.With the diligent assistance of Mr. Warren I was approved for 100% VA benefits, for which I am very grateful!I have recommended a dear friend, who lost a kidney do to cancer, and he was also approved for 100% VA benefits. I have also recommended a daughter-in-law and a grandson to Gumps VA Compensation Services and their claims are in the process of being examined.I would highly recommend them to any veteran seeking help with their VA claims.Thank you Mr. Donald Warren and Gumps VA Compensation Services for your diligence and professional assistance with my VA benefits claims.With kind regards,J.P. EscaleraAir Force Veteran
Response from the owner: Great working with you Jean!
These people get the job done. Highest ratings in my book. I have been trying to claim benefits for 15 years. THEY DID IT COMPLETELY (5 stars)
Response from the owner: Hi joe, glad that we were able to get the job done.
A fellow disabled vet recommended Don Warren and Gump to me. They had my best interest’s on everything we worked on. If I had questions for Don to answer, he was available 100% of the time and immediately had a solution. Without his help I would still be beating my head against the wall we call the VA. Thank you Don for all your help.
Response from the owner: Glad we could help you James and we appreciate your service
I would like to thank your firm for helping me receive my additional benefit. I didn’t realize that I was entitled to anything additional, even though I had received an additional diagnosis that entitled me to increased benefits. Thank you all so much for your expertise, and help. My claim was handled in a timely manner.
Response from the owner: Juanita, glad we could help!
I had the greatest experience of my life I really appreciate the fact that I was never left hanging Don Warren kept me informed regarding my case.and he was very nice and courteous I felt like I was in good hands.i didn’t have to stress about anything I can’t thank you Don and the whole team enough.i have already referred a couple of my friends to gumps.and I would do it again. Thank you for all your help. Sincerely. David ney
Response from the owner: Love that we could help you David!
Helped me so much with getting my service connection. When I couldn’t do it myself I went to them and they helped me right away
For over 20 Years I have been trying to get an increase in my VA disability. A good friend who had the same issue give me the information for Gumps VA Compensation Serices. I contacted them and within one month I got nice increase in my rating. My rep contacts me by phone or email when additional information is needed. I am very pleased with the level of professional and courtesy they have shown me. Thank you for all you do for us vets and helping us when we have given up hope.
Response from the owner: Hi OG, glad that we managed to get you a nice increase in your rating. thanks for the review.
I’m truly blessed beyond measure to have Gumps in my corner. The professionalism, support and open communication is awesome. Absolutely impeccable service and commitment!
Response from the owner: Hi Michael, always happy to be of service!
I couldn’t be happier. With almost no input on my part, after providing the initial information about my service and conditions, they took care of everything. Seemingly by magic, money started showing up in my bank account. I actually found myself calling them to make sure there wasn’t a mistake. No mistake; just unaccustomed efficiency. I will and do recommend Gumps VA to everyone I meet.
Response from the owner: Hi Jonathon, glad that we managed to take care of everything. Thanks for your service.
Gumps VA Comp Services has helped me when I thought nothing more could be done. I highly recommend them!!
Response from the owner: Glad that we managed to help Johnny!
Gumps VA was instrumental in helping me raise my rating from 90% to 100%. Once I finally got up the courage to try, they handled everything and got that ball in motion. Thanks everyone.
Response from the owner: Hi Tad, glad that we managed to raise your rating from 90% to 100%. Thanks for the review.
After all the paper work has been done and they go to bat for you and hit a strike they don’t stop working for you the Vet they keep hitting and hitting to they hit a home run. It was wonderful work with guy and gal at Gumps Va Compensation agency I give this company 10 starsSean & Mechelle Gibson
Response from the owner: Hi Sean, glad that we managed to hit a home run. Thanks for the five-star review.
I am eternally thankful for Gumps VA comp services. I was in appeal for years on something clearly spelled out in my service record. A friend recommended Gumps! It was the best decision I’ve ever made!!! Even with COVID slowing things down .. after 4 years of waiting .. once I hired Gumps team got me the comp and pen appointment and now have received my full rating, total and permanent! Thank you Gumps!!! There really aren’t enough words to thank you!!! The Gump team is knowledgeable, professional and highly efficient!!
Response from the owner: Hi Jodi, glad that we were able to help you after four years of waiting!
My husband, a Navy veteran, passed away in January. I needed to file for survivor benefits, and since his case was complicated, I decided to go with Gumps as my representative before the VA. In a case that could have taken up to 6 months to complete, this was completed in 3 months, and I was awarded the survivor benefits on the first submission of the request.All this was accomplished by phone and fax, and the process went very smoothly. I had some questions, and they were answered promptly. I was told I would hear from my representative by a certain date, and within a few days of that date, I did hear from him. I have talked to him several times, and he has always been friendly and courteous.Based on my experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Gumps to any veterans or their families who feel they need a helping hand presenting their case to the VA.
Gumps VA Compensation has been assisting me for several years with my claims for the VA and had been able to show service connections with my current disabilities. They have been very proactive in keeping me up to date on any progress and have ensured all avenues are looked at. They have done very well by me!
Response from the owner: Hi Alex, glad that we were able to show service connections with your case and that you think we’ve done very well!
I just wish that there was something special I could do for you guys at GUMPS Legal Services, for all of your hard work and dedication for fighting for us Vets. My road has been a long one since 2004. I have recommended GUMPS Legal to some close friends of mine, who I know have a good case, but they have been so let down by the system that they just gave up, and don’t want to bother. I will definitely be encouraging my fellow Vets to put their trust in GUMPS. They know how the system works and will fight for you every step of the way. There are a lot of choices out there, but I say try GUMPS first, you will not be disappointed.
Response from the owner: Hi Chaz, Reading this makes us happy that we were able to help you and we hope that we’ll also be able to help your fellow vets, Thanks for your service.
Response from the owner: Hi James, thanks for the five star review.
I had tried for 15 years to gain a provable military connected disability from the VA with zero positive results. Having used other advocacy services the claim was still going nowhere…..until soliciting Gump VA Compensation Services. First attempt and 60% was awarded which opens an abundance of doors not just in monthly compensation but also Medical etc.THANK YOU!
Response from the owner: Hi, We’re so glad that we were able to help, thank you so much for the review.
First I thank God. I am so excited about being contacted and contacting Gumps VA Compensation Services. I’ve went the course two previous times with no financial outcome. However, one time with Gump VA Compensation Services let’s just say, I’ve been Blessed with a great compensation. I recommend them to anyone who has been through the same experience as me. May you find your treasure with Gump VA Compensation Services. 🙏🏾
Response from the owner: Thanks David, we try our best.