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Veterans Appeals Modernization Act

Appeals Modernization Act of 2017

The Veteran Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017 became law on August 23, 2017 (Pub L. 115-55). It is also known as the Appeals Modernization Act. You can read the law in full on

According to the Veterans Service Organizations (DAV, VFW, American Legion etc.) and the VA, the new law intends to:

  • Modernize the current claims and appeals process
  • Include three review options for disagreements with decisions
  • Require improved notification of VA decisions
  • Provide earlier claim resolution
  • Ensure you receive the earliest effective date possible

If the Rapid Appeals Modernization Process (RAMP) is any indication, the new law will come short of its intended aspirations.  RAMP was launched in 2018 to permit veterans with pending appeals the opportunity to opt into the new appeals process and benefit from the improvements.  We handled several and have mixed feelings about it.  During the RAMP, we opted several of our appeals into the process. Many were granted and denied.  We challenged the denials and got several overturned.

While the new laws and pertinent regulations may be complex, generally the new law provides 3 new lanes to handle appeals, which consist of the supplemental claim lane, higher level review, and notice of disagreement directly to BVA.