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Thank you!
I would like to thank the team at GumpsVA Compensation Services for assisting me with my VA Compensation Benefits, They helped me in a way that I never had. Also I would like to give a special thanks to Ms.D for her hard work, she has been a God sent. I will always be thankful for your service Ms.D. Thanks again. Patrick Evans.
Response from the owner: Thank you Patrick, great working with you!
Excellent and timely service. Thank you so much Gumps VA! Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Thank you Hannah!
Amazing work. They are the best. I see reviews of people complaining of no contact which I understand, yes contact is sporadic but they are really working hard in the background. I left them do their thing and it worked perfectly for me. It took only 2 years to go from 0% to 100%.
Response from the owner: Thank you Jimmie for the kind words!
The best out there! Thank you for all you do for our veterans! You change lives! Ashley H. is amazing!
Response from the owner: Ashley said you were great to work with too!
Gumps VA Compensation Services is the best!! Allen Gumpenberger and his staff have worked tirelessly to seek and receive benefits for, in my case, a surviving widow. My phone calls have been met with the utmost professionalism, knowledge, kindness, and, very important, patience. Hats off to Janet Sapio! She has always been available to answer questions and guide me along the way with that same kindness and patience. Thank you all for your service and your caring.
Response from the owner: Thanks Barbara, glad we could work with you!
My sincere thanks to Alan and Janet for the hard work and caring they gave to my difficulties in dealing with my case. Job well done
Response from the owner: Glad we could assist Dennis!
Thank you Gumps for helping me to get what I was denied for so long. Candice worked hard in the background with my appeals and higher level reviews. Anytime a Vet is having trouble with getting what they are owed, I send them to Gumps!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the 5 star Jermaine!
This law firm came highly recommended to me. But I chose not to use them at first. And I am so happy that I came to my senses. They are so easy to work with. And have made my claim stress free. I gave them my information, they said we got it. If we need you, we will give you a call. They keep me up to date, with additional claims they have placed on my behalf. And yes, they look for everything you deserve. They don’t just file claims for commissions!!! The award I just got, I never put in a claim for. Because I didn’t know I could. I am so great full for Gumps VA Compensation Service. And strongly encourage all veterans that are fighting VA, and getting nowhere to give them a call. I couldn’t be happier. And it has only been 4 months. Thank you Gumps team!!!!!!!
Outstanding results, def recommend!
Response from the owner: Good working with you Joe!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the 5 star Rafael!
Efficient and wonderful customer/client service!!!
Response from the owner: Glad we could help you Carl!
Gumps VA compensation services took my claim in April of 2022 and had me my 100% in less than a year, which is the fasted claim that I have ever heard of. I met Janet, by chance, in the Food City store. She asked me if I was a veteran and explained to me who she worked for and what they did. She did not pressure me, but gave me a card and told me to think about it and give her a call if I decided to persue my claim with them. After thinking about it I contacted her and give her all the info she needed. Janet and her team took it from there and got my claim settled in a very short period of time. Janet and her team were very professional. polite, and kept me well informed of what they wer e doing and what I needed to do. I appreciate them very much and would not hesitate to use them again if needed. Great job to Janet and her team. Thank you very much. James
Response from the owner: Glad we could help you get to 100% James!
Response from the owner: Glad we could help you David!
Unlike many other veterans advocate organizations, Gumps either picks up when you call or returns your call within 24 hours.They know their stuff and help assist you make an overwhelming process less overwhelming and simple.They are number 1 in their class! Call them today.
Response from the owner: Certainly one of our primary goals is to have a reputation of being accessible. We aim to provide the best representation to every veteran and communication is a key component of that effort. Thank you for the review and feed back.
I was having problems trying to file for my Disability. I submit my claims using help from the VA. All my claims were denied. I heard from a good friend about Mr. Gump’s VA Service. With his help I am now 100%.
Response from the owner: Hi Refugio, glad that we managed to help you get 100%.
Mr. Donald Warren was the best. I highly recommend Gump Va to any veteran who is in need of getting a higher disability. Mr Warren went above and beyond to take care of me and I am thankful to be part of his team
Response from the owner: Hi Raul, Mr. Warren greatly appreciates your kind words. Glad that we were able to help.
Attorney Gumpenburger and his staff went above and beyond with my claim. I, as the client did research about my case, and they helped me get my relevant information processed quickly. I also work with clients as a Post Service Officer and it’s nice to see that Gump’s Legal has the same work ethic. They will work twice as hard as you do to get the best results possible. I understand that Gump’s Legal has many clients and some things take awhile to process.My recommendation is: Gump’s Legal will work twice as hard as the client works to see your claim through.
Response from the owner: Hi Daniel, glad that we managed to help with your claim. Thanks for recommending us.
I was blown away by their compassion and competency in assisting me.
I recently received notice from the Board of Veterans Appeals, Evidence Intake Center. Conclusion of Law – Entitlement to Service Connection is GRANTED. It was a long and hard fight by Gumps V.A. Claims Services, LLC. Conroe, Texas. Compensation – Declined, Declined, Declined. Down to the wire and only one chance left and the final decision was up to me. Did I Hesitate, YES. Anxiety was running high. Then I thought about what I had always said in times of worry or stress – Never Quit or Give Up and if there’s a chance Take It. Bingo! That was the one that was GRANTED. I’m still on Cloud 9. I’m very grateful to Attorney Allen Gumpenberger and his team of lawyers, especially Janet Sapio, Case Manager. In matters of VA Compensation There is None Better.
Response from the owner: Hi Dana, the team at Gumps greatly appreciate your kind words! Glad that we managed to help!
Response from the owner: Hi Henry, thanks for the five-star review.
Response from the owner: Hi Tabitha, thanks for the five-star review.
Great services, response time overall, enjoy working with Don Warren who answer my many questions in a properly timely manner.
Response from the owner: Hi Samantha, glad that you like working with Don Warren.
Response from the owner: Hi Gary, thanks for the five-star review.
I am a retired army veteran that fought with the VA for 3 years on my own. After signing on with Candice, I received my first increase within a few months. She advised me on some possible new claims and appealed every decision until I was eventually granted Individual Unemployability with a permanent and total status. She is very knowledgeable about how the VA works and what needs to be done to get veteran’s all that we are entitled to. Dealing with the VA is not a pleasant experience, Candice & Lindsey made the process more bearable. I highly recommend them to any veteran thinking of going for service connection with the VA.
Response from the owner: Hi Steve, Candice and Lindsey greatly appreciate your kind words. Thanks for your service.
Fantastic experience! My case manager is Don Warren who has been very helpful in achieving my goals. These guys are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Do yourself a favor and stop looking elsewhere. I’m very happy with the outcome.Kai
Response from the owner: Hi Coach, glad that Don was helpful in the process of achieving your goals.
Gumpslegal has always came through for me. They are polite, professional, compassionate and knowledgeable, also the team knows how to get the job done, I don’t understand all the legal mumbo jumbo. However, they do. I also refer fellow veterans to gumpslegal to get them the benefits they earned. When the VA says no, gumpslegal says yes! I’m 110% satisfied with their work and the results they produced for me.
Frustrated, Lost in the system, no true help with other VA services for years. I finally decided to call Gumps VA Services which was recommended by a friend and veteran. Best move I made in years regarding my VA benefits claim. The medical conditions that I deal with do not help me to be organized and they understood that. Gumps VA staff took over and turned my case into a successful outcome. I am grateful and will recommend their services to every veteran I know that needs assistance with their benefits.
Response from the owner: Hi Marvin & Alexis Lopez, we are glad that we were able to help and get you a successful outcome.
Hey Family sorry for taking so long to get back in touch but l have had it up to the moon,with the Department of Defense and the V.A.HEALTH SYSTEM, l never in my life believe that I would be treated this way just like so so many others as we sever and honor this USA military. Only to be walked on and Disrespect by our own peers and upper level officers, like every single thing l am going thru some one messed my life up alone with all 3 familys,family’s, that l destroyed with all my mental health problems and the injuries caused by accident happened on military duties and all my civilian jobs plus many different training schools, there is at least over 400 us Army retired E6 checks that are deposited in a safe Account with my name on it because they started sending them around January 1987 until now caused the dated January 3,2022 so now I need a Law firm that will help me take the Department of Defense (uniformservice) and the Veteran Affairs Medical Healthcare system to the Supreme Court to suit them for wrongful treatment of and destruction of military equipment and personnel plus the way they disregard every single piece of property of the United States Government by not doing anything and everything in their Military power to put a stop to living no man behind policy cause once they feel like they have the highest rank,they think they are God.and no one can stop them so they do who ever they have issues with any type of way including destruction of their Military Records and Careers oh wait a minute please don’t forget all the family members and support family and friends they are trying to get rid of me please help me no matter how much money I get you have my word l will pay your firms Phoenix alone has so many Veteran and family home less Ness just like me and my family are as of Mar 1,2022
Janet was a good listener and made it easy to talk about my case. The firm did everything and more for me especially when I wasn’t in agreement with the VA’s decision. They did what they could and refiled what they had to. I thank them for all their hard work.
I had great experience with Gumps VA. Compensation. My load case Manager was Donald Warren, he was always dedicated & professional. Returns calls promptly, he was always good at giving legal advice. I got the compensation I deserved with help of Donald Warren @ Gumps VA Compensation. I highly recommend him and his Firm. Without Gump legal my life would have been very different this year, they have fought for and gotten for me the maximum compensation I could get, I. Had no chance without their expertise, than you Gumps legal, from my heart for what you’ve done🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Response from the owner: Hi Ron, we are glad that we were able to bring justice to you and many other veterans, thanks for your service.
I cannot say enough, how thankful I am to have worked with Janet Sapio from Gumps VA Comp Services. She was so professional and worked tirelessly to handle my claims. I was always hesitant about filing claims, thinking that the process would be daunting. Janet handled everything and made the process simple and straightforward. Thanks Gumps VA Compensation Services. I truly appreciate having your team on the side of Vets. – Aaron
Response from the owner: Hi Aaron, it is truly rewarding to read this, we are glad that we were able to help you and Janet greatly appreciate your kind words.
Janet has been excellent with follow thru and call backs to all my questions and provides me with excellent understanding to any of my issues!
Response from the owner: Hi Nino, glad that we were able to provide you with excellent understanding of all the issues.
Allen is THE best VA. Rep that I have ever found. I was having trouble filing my disability claim with the VA.; they gave me every excuse under the sun why it had not went through. I tried to file in 1978; for an injury I had in1974 while at training and never could get it. I refiled in 2012 and Allen was able to get my claim reconsidered /with back pay. I thank the Lord for Allen and his staff. They are the Greatest THANK ALL OF YOU
Response from the owner: Our pleasure Barbara and thanks again for your service.