Evidence to tender when making a Disability Claim

As a veteran, getting certain accrued benefits for your service to the nation is your right no doubt. When
there are injuries or disabilities sustained in the course of the discharge of your duties; then you can
make a claim and receive compensation for it. This will not take away the pain or injury but it should go
a long way to show that the nation cares about Veterans and is committed to making the rest of their
lives as easy as possible.
However, filing a VA disability claim is not a walk in the park and would require that you follow strictly,
the due process. You would need tangible and cogent evidence to support your disability claim. Some
important documents to present would include:
1. An approved and verified VA medical report that clearly states the disability or injury you are
2. A professional doctor's report from a private healthcare facility supporting your claim and
3. Attestations from trustworthy members of the society such as your family or clergymen proving
the validity of your VA disability claim and how if has affected you.
If you need assistance, do not fail to ask every step of the way. You definitely deserve to be

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