Getting The Best Nexus Letter

Without sufficient evidence, a veteran’s disability claim will be denied. On the other hand, if a good nexus letter is written, a veteran might get a high disability rating due to their service-connected disability.

You might ask what is a nexus letter? A nexus letter is proof or evidence from a medical practitioner or professional that is given to a veteran to support their disability. You aren’t necessarily required to submit a nexus letter; however, a nexus letter could make the difference between a VA claim denial or a VA claim award. It’s suggested to file a nexus letter at the earliest possible date.

Finding a doctor that will write you nexus letter can be difficult. Doctor’s don’t exactly advertise that they offer this kind of service, so what we’d suggest is you look into a VA lawyer or advocate that can find a doctor that knows how to write a proper nexus letter.

There are a couple of things that you’re going to want to see in a nexus letter. You’ll want to be sure that your nexus letter uses specific language, and ties together the facts that draw a conclusion that your disability is related to your service.  Make sure that the VA terminology is relayed to your doctor, for example, the terms “more likely than not” should be used to express that there is a 50% likelihood that the veteran’s current disability is related to his service. Also make sure that your doctor mentions in their letter that they’ve reviewed the entire file and medical records.

Keep the letter brief but still complete, do so by focusing on facts. Use a doctor who is board certified in the area of disability. Make sure that the doctor states that they have access to all medical records. If you use a doctor that has examined you recently, uses that to your advantage and states that in the letter.

We understand that the claims process can be confusing; if you have any questions about your claims process Gumps V.A. Comp. Services would be more than happy to help answer them. Please give us a call at (888) 854 8677 or book an appointment with an accredited agent here.

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