VA Individual Unemployability Compensation

As a veteran, if you sustained disabilities from service that is preventing you from getting employment, thereby unable to take good care of yourself, then you can qualify for VA compensation from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

However, to qualify for this unemployability compensation, you will need to establish beyond sustaining a service-connected disability. You also need to confirm that the disability is truly stopping you from getting a good-paying job.

Income Limits For Veterans That Want To Apply For The VA Unemployability Compensation

The following are the income limits that will qualify you for an Unemployability Compensation from the VA Department;

  • You are presently not working and cannot work due to the disability you sustained in service.
  • You are currently employed, but your earning is below the poverty level.
  • You are employed, but in a sheltered position, i.e., you have accommodation from your work due to your service disability.

If any of the points listed above apply to you, then you may receive the unemployability compensation.

What Kind of Compensation Will I Recieve From The VA?

  • Healthcare
  • Cash compensation

 FAQs About The VA Unemployability Compensation

Q: Will my assets make me ineligible for the Unemployability compensation?

No. If you own a home or a car, this won’t make you ineligible, neither will it affect your VA rating.

Q: Will my job make me ineligible?

As long as you meet the limits discussed earlier, your job won’t count. However, some employed veterans may be denied a higher rate than veterans who can’t work at all. This is why you need to employ the services of a VA Compensation Lawyer.

Q: If I receive support from others, does that mean I have an income?

A lot of veterans with disabilities from service have to depend on family and friends for assistance. So, that won’t be considered an income.

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